The Coming End-Times as told from both sides of eternity
Reconnaissance. Armageddon begins. Now.
It starts with Reconnaissance. A lone admiral commands a ghost ship off the coast of Alaska. The American military investigtes, but finds nothing. A Chinese submarine is hunting an American one in the area. Both suddenly go deep. Did their sensors detect the admiral's rogue carrier group?

In Colorado, a drunken, womanizing pastor has the fastest growing church in America. The pope with a dark past that the two men briefly shared contacts him. He has a vision from God that they are to implement. But who can cross the great religious divide?

Odessa, a single mother struggling to raise her young daughter, has unexpectedly met the admiral. She knows she is falling in love with him. A Brazilian mafioso's daughter has married the pastor. Papa believes the return of his daughter and a new son-in-law are an answer to prayer. But does his power and influence in Brazil extend to the hands soon to be guiding world events?

Real people. Real love. Real power. Is this really the way it happens?

Reconnaissance | Volume One of the Armageddon Story series, by Craige McMillan
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Meet the author, Craige McMillan
Craige McMillan | Author of Armageddon Story series, including Reconnaissance and Behind Enemy Lines Craige is a long-time commentator on political, technological and religious topics. He has written nearly two million words for publication. His work in computer systems, cold war intelligence, and his worldview have prepared him to write this timely apocalyptic thriller series.

Armageddon Story is God's battle plan. Reconnaissance is the subtle but powerful opening. No one has written this story from both sides of the veil. No one.

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Volume two. Behind Enemy Lines. Hell has taken notice.
Mia, an eleven-year-old girl from Reconnaissance connects the worldwide threads opened in volume one. Of the characters you met in Reconnaissance, only one understands what lies ahead. Control of history is shifting from human hands into more capable and powerful hands across the veil. Estimated availability: Christmas 2014. Behind Enemy Lines, volume two of the Armageddon Story series, by Craige McMillan
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